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Russell, “The Pixel Artisan”, is a digital artist with a deeply rooted passion for details and realism. After decades as a traditional artist, he found that it was possible to satisfy this passion by using the digital medium. It was important to him to create works that reflected the qualities of traditional art, developing many unique digital techniques for creating believable textures and detailed elements. All of his digital works are created exclusively with Photoshop, using only the mouse as his brush. As the power of the computer has increased, so has the size and complexities of his paintings, some being up to 8 feet tall or wide. Each painting requires between 90 and 200 hours to complete and can require well over 750,000 strokes of the mouse. There are never any imported images, scans, third party plug-ins or other applications used in the creation of his works. Russ paints primarily from his own visions and life experiences. For the more intricate elements he may use a reference photo for perspective and specific details but never duplicates the photo. Many of his paintings evoke a sense of peace and serenity, often using enchanting atmospheric colors along with the perceptive use of light and shadows.

His paintings have become known to a broad spectrum of those who appreciate fine art. Russ belongs to several acclaimed art sites where his works are consistently selected for awards and recognition. He produces archival-quality Giclee prints at his marketing production company. His plan is to soon retire from the marketing business and focus on painting and marketing his works. He resides in Buffalo, New York and is nearing 70 years of age.
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